Murdo macdonald-bayne

The Recorded Lectures of Dr. After his demobilization in he moved with his family to Australia for a time. Diese Website verwendet Cookies.

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Transcriptions into text of these lectures appear in the following posthumous books " Cosmic Consciousness: After re-entering the civilized world, Dr. These were given out to his students prior to his Lectures. It is said that he journeyed several times into India and Tibet where he spent macfonald-bayne periods recounted in "Beyond the Himalayas" and it's sequel "The Yoga of the Christ" in the company of true Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas.

His Monthly Letters, now available in Books 1, 2, and 3, and published by MacDonald-Bayne Publications in Canada, were distributed worldwide bringing much help and guidance to many.

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

Every effort has been made macdonale-bayne enhance these recordings up to the point before greatly interfering with the Murdo's voice. He said years later that although he came to appreciate the time spent in medical studies, he felt and knew that Life was a living thing and not a dead thing as the medical profession would have us believe.

The age-old message that He had brought us 2, years ago was being given anew, refreshed with every word He spoke. In total recordings will be released. When war was declared in he enlisted at Aldershot into The Highland Light Infantry as of November 12,and remained with this unit for the duration of the war. He was the second son of a farmer and was named Murdo Bayne MacDonald, 'Bayne' being his mother's maiden name, which he later used for his nom de plume.

He describes how he spent time macdonald-bxyne practising the advanced instructions he received from living Masters and this became the basis for his later teachings. Afterwards he became aware that he could see and hear many things which other people could not.

This edition is now the definitive version of the I nner Course as given by Murdo to his South Africa students. It was as though a veil were torn from our eyes and we could see clearly.

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne |

A number of these exercises are detailed in his books and recordings. This edition is now the definitive version of the full I nner Course as given by Murdo to his South Africa students. Do you seek a Master?

For those wishing to read the works of this Great Teacher online, two e-books are available, they are: These lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa, murdi series, between 2nd August and 4 th April Macdonald-abyne Murdo passed away he left behind a lot of unpublished material in the form of Lecture Notes Millions of people are seeking a way to release this all-knowing Creative Power so that It can work for them, but fail to grasp the fact that it is not made up in the mind.

This new revised edition differs from the original by the inclusion of additional material such as maps, and footnotes. This book covers the author's travels and experiences in Tibet.

Extraneous noise such muddo coughing, hall, traffic noise, and Murdo's long pauses have been removed.

Even today, there are people in various countries who still remember his talks and healing sessions. Included is mrdo transcription into text of 4 known original sound recordings of those lectures.

Murdo MacDonald Bayne

Your Life Renewed Every Day: The following digital recordings are currently available. They can be downloaded Here. This was where he established his centre, the College of Universal Science and the Sanctuary of The Silent Healing Power, which macdonald-bajne out monthly letters to subscribers worldwide.

In silent awe those present saw the brilliant mufdo of His Divine Presence in their midst. There is only One Truth and that Truth is God and this Great Teacher shows us repeatedly that one can never perceive the whole Truth but only grow into Truth; knowing that man and woman are made like unto their Creator God. The same also being given earlier in Johannesburg between 12th October and 14th June There is a lot of knowledge in the Bible that is hidden from the many; esoteric knowledge, that which murxo through the great Prophets and was revealed to the inner circle of disciples.