Namo kanya maw mariyani

It will awaken memories for most of you Sri Lankan Catholics. Our Lady can help us to become silent. Angel gabriel called her "Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee" before she became the mother of Jesus.

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Mother listns to us and Jesus listens to us. Unfortunately I do not have the name of the artist or the album.

The reflection is on the same theme; love of parents and taking care of them. Sohere are some images explaining them. The reflection is a collection of wonderful verses on love and verses used during weddings. Wachanaye Dasiyai Marimawe Sinhala Hymn. This particular acapella version is by the modern sensation Voice Print; a Choral group who are Old boys of St.


Osawa yanase Patawun by Amila Rasanga. She is no doubt an icon and a path to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Saamaye Kumaruwane - Archdiocesan Choir of Colombo.

The main theme of the year gives the idea that we should be a blessing to others through the Holy Eucharist. It should be able to transform our lives to become a blessing.

The reflection is quite frank. The Arc of the new covenent - The ma covenent was JEsus and Mary was the arc wich bore that covenent.

It reminds me of many weddings of yester year.

Namo Kanya Maw Mariyani Hymn. Thats was a complement for her good life. This is my First Video creation.

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If we turn to our Blessed Mother in prayer and ask Her for the grace to have peace and silence in our life, than we shall be blessed with silence. Angel gabriel called her nam Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee" before she became the mother of Jesus. Namo mariya punwanthiye Annual feast hymn St Marys church kuda payagala. I hope mariyaji to be a celebration of love.

E-Guy's Internet Cafe Views: Annual feast hymn [St.

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Le Kiri Karala Sinhala Hymn. Mr Somapala Ratnayake Choir: This is a wonderful version of it.

It should nourish our souls and develop us into gaining the eternal life. Special thanks to my Lord Jesus. Its the most perfect definition of love no doubt. I hope the images do no harm to the serenity of the verses.

Mariya Wasara Theme Song (Namo Kanya Mau Mariyani) | My Station

Jesuni Obata Namo - Composed by Rev. This is marijani simple reflection on Titles of Mother Mary. And she has the power to pray for us.

And the famous 1 Corinthian I dedicate it to my Dad Jesus.