End the program normally Terminate the "winoldap" application or sending again will not work Hit ctl alt del one time Choose "winoldap" Click "end task". Should work fine, even with maps compiled with the newer and faster cgpsmapper compiler, as well as the mkgmap compiler. Index Search Register Login. The GUI version accepts dropped files too. The program looks like it is hung up waiting to send If you watch the GPS you can see That it is sending When it finishes sending The program does not know when map sending is complete.

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sendmap.sxe Program runs in Vista, but no map is produced. Last edited by ligfietser But I would not use it in the context we are talking about as sendmap20 would do all so much easier.

Moreover I'm focussing on users who only want to generate a gmapsupp. I do not understand that -m parameter.

Moagu and G-Raster - Raster topographic maps and aerial imagery for your Garmin GPS

The straight way would be to replace TYP in gmapsupp. So for those users who don't use Mapsource, I'll put a small batch file together with gmt. Categories Uncategorized 3 Updates 1. Failed to load control "CommonDialog" from comdlg It doesn't modify maps, only assemble a container for all tiles. Check first if it works for you, there are some limitation for TYP sehdmap.exe, like equal FID and enough place in gmapsupp. I believe Gmaptool doesn't change anything in routing capability of a map.

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Also a list of. So that would only be needed when installing in Mapsource? Archives July December April Copied a couple of IMG files to the folder for testing. A list of all the.

Sending custom maps to a Garmin GPS?

You can set block size manually. Sendmap.exf pretty well on my old Etrex. Look at the path to sendmap. Select the ones you wish to upload. Should work fine, even with maps compiled with the newer and faster cgpsmapper compiler, as well as the mkgmap compiler.

However, using an older version of cgpsmapper and Mapset Toolkit just for installing mapsets seems to work-around the issue for now.

Download the older version of MapSet ToolKitand unzip it into a different folder than any newer version of Mapset Toolkit. Make sure there are Sendmap.xee spaces in the directory where sendmap.

Navigate to a folder which contains the Garmin. When you run the older version of Mapset Toolkit, be sure to specify the older cgpsmapper compiler in the section at the lower right; e.

There are 4 ways to send custom maps to a Garmin GPS. Click the headline of an entry to read it in its entirety. I do not understand the sndmap.exe areas on some screenshots.

It can create gmapsupp.

Gmaptool - the Sendmap20 alternative / Garmin maps / OpenStreetMap Forum

This is a good tip for any help-related issues. This is caused by the way some OS's handle spaces in the name of file areas.

Please let me know. I have one mapset and I like to switch between two sendmapexe layouts on the GPS, for instance one with low contrast and one with high contrast.