Castitatis lilium

February 25, at 1: Bold Italic Link Add an image new! Thank you for the translation of the Latin for the openig music. I believe that the lilies in this series have the potential to be more than the horned-telekinetic monsters they were turned into.

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However, because humans showed fear instead of love or compassion only the darker more violent aspects of our lipium nature were evovled into more potent and deadly forms. Third it was worth watching for me, even though i only watched it for the gore to begin with but before you ridicule me let me finish at first. Whether my opinion matters to you or not is for you to decide. I found that the animie highlighted two very important truths about humanity. Disciples of the Hand.

Mature enough for people beyond conventional boundries. And as for your speech about liliu nudity of women and the immorals it teaches us— I am a weak-stomached thirteen year old girl. Lilium is derived from 33 bars of Bach that is now in a museum and the words are taken from several variants of Kyrie, Fons Bonitatis from both French and German sources according to the director of Elfen Lied.

I saw nothing of the sort in the anime xP. And by that I do not mean that it possesses unusually castitattis drawings or anything. I really want NO holyware threads anywhere. Email required Address never made public.

Add links, pictures and videos to make your explanation more appealing. May 11, at 5: PS this is not a trap. Am I a fangirl? Once again i must thank the writer for this translation and hope that such bias will not hinder the watching of a truly thrilling commentary which illustrates the every swaying moral compass within all of us.

All I have to say is give it a try; the message is illium more overpowering than the graphics. The themes presented in this production are ubiquitous and contemporary yet still remains relative to each individual member of the audience watching.

April 3, 2009

Castitatis means Purity of a woman. September 2, at 7: This is a story which may look awful, but castitatsi extremely well put with symbolism, fore-shadowing and an original idea. Thank you for the translation first of all. I have not yet expressed the least bit of violence towards anyone I know.

Bold Italic Link Add an image new! Yes, there is excessive gore and nudity.

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Really no different then any of the other dominate the world plots done by other animes, though how they went about it was really original and touching. But my favorite is easy to name, Elfen Lied. May 11, at 1: It was an amazing series, just watched it through for the second time.

Os Iusti The mouth of the Just shall meditate wisdom meditabitur sapientiam Et lingua eius And his tongue shall speak judgment loquetur indicium Beatus vir qui Blessed is the man ccastitatis endureth temptation suffert tentationem Quoniqm cum probates For once he hath been ljlium through trials fuerit acceipient he shall receive cornonam vitae the crown of life Kyrie, fons bonitatis, O Lord, fountain of merciful holiness Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison O Lord, Fire Castitatos, have mercy O Cadtitatis sancta, Quam serena, O how holy, how serene quam benigma, quam amoena How benevolent, how lovely esse virgo creditur Is the virgin who believed O Quam sancta, Quam serena, O how holy, how serene quam benigma, quam amoena How benevolent, how lovely O castitas lilium O lily of purity If you want to hear the compete version of Lilium, you will need to find the DarkJedi version who spent nearly a year putting it together.

It symbolizes the bare beauty in ever human being. It looks bad on you. But you also need to understand that the Song was written by a Japanese person who took a generalized English translation of the song and modified it to suit their purpose.

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The last episode prooves this show to be the most emotionally powerful show I have ever seen. Just as a person uses adjectives to bring color to what they are explaining, this show needs to show the violence to get the point across about Lucy being a heartless killer. Lillum had a very beautiful plot that the anime portrayed well, even though it was kinda dark.