Jagjit chitra tappe

Pyar Tu Dil Tu. Come to the garden and when I fall asleep you should fly away the flies. I've corrected the song title.

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Show More Show Less. Furthermore, I've moved your comment to your request. The Epoch of Romanticism. What will I do with my friends, I want to come and meet you but I am scared of being caught and thrashed.

Welcome to this website. Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period.

I've moved Chitra Singh to the featuring artist field for now since Jagjit Singh already has an entry as an artist here.

Jagjit Singh - Punjabi Tappe.

Punjabi Tappe Live - Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh | Shazam

Rumaal From "Sardaarji 2". Why are you so restlesshave some shameyou have sons and daughters! I don't speak Punjabi, so I can't translate it. I'd like Tommy Hiddleston if it's available. Chithi na koi sandes. I already changed my username, but can I do it again? Lindemann - Mathematik German. Please don't add translations in the comment section beneath a song, but instead click on "add new translation" to add it.

Jagjit Singh - Punjabi Tappe lyrics

EnglishHindi Advertisements. Mil Ke Baithange From "Angrej". Dard Bhari Gazals Translations: I've also changed the capitalization - or was it on purpose that every first letter was capitalized? Login or register to post comments.

The Epoch of Romanticism Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. Jagjit singh used to sing it in most of his concerts and this one with chitra was very popular and is very funny and even now in weddings people pull each others leg with these tappes.

Jagjit & Chitra Singh - Punjabi Tappe

Chham Chham Nachdi Jagjir. Translations of "Punjabi Tappe". I suppose the comma doesn't belong to the song title, so I've removed it from there. Although I feel beauty of the song gets lost in the translation but for those who can't understand PunjabiI have tried to translate it in English.

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Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. I've corrected the song title. Listen to taope from the s, s, and more. Pagg Wala Munda From "Ambarsariya". Kothe te aa mahiya, Milna taa millege, Nai to khasmaa nu kha mahiya, Ke leyna hai mitra to, Milne to aa jawa, Daar lagta hai chiitra to, Tusi kale kale ho, Kuch tee sharam karo, Dhiya putra wale ho, Aye sare dand paye kade ne, Asi taanu chunge lagde, Te sade dhiya put wadhde ne, Ithe pyaar di chira koi na, Tere nail nayui boolna, Tere muh te much koi na, Maja pyaar da chak langa, Je tera hukm hoye, Meh to dadi wi rakh langa Bage which aaya kaaro, Jado usii so jayye, Tusi makhiya udaya karo, Tusi jagjjt nahaya kaaro, Makhiya to darde ho, Gud thoda khaya karo Eet pyaar di pawage, Hum asi mil gaye ha, Geet pyaar de gawa ge.

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