Once the mapping is established, it can be used to access the raw disk like a normal VMFS virtual disk. We can also use vmdkfstools to clone a virtual disk. Accept Reject Read More.

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Notice below that doing a normal directory listing displays the maximum possible size of a thin disk. VMware KB seems to suggest that svmotion would only reclaim zero blocks if the destination datastore had a different block size.

Now we have the thin provisioned clone, we may want to delete the original virtual disk. Once complete, running du -ah now shows the file to be using the 5GB that was originally configured as its maximum size: Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below, or reach out to me on Twitter vswitchzero Share this: Many thanks to Gabrielle. Extending disks to eagerzeroedthick makes sense only when these virtual disks are used for fault tolerance or clustering and have to be preallocated and zeroed out up front.

Lists attributes of a file or directory on a VMFS volume. But we can confirm the files actual size on disk, and therefore confirm that it is thin provisioned by running du -ah.

In the upcoming articles, we will look at some of the other use cases of vmkstools. We can do this by vmkfstoos vmkfstools -i test2. Unfortunately, as you can see, thin VMDKs only expand. I unserstand this is your home lab.

The whole process took only 5 minutes or so and was very uneventful. Run vmkfstools --help for a list of all connection options.

VMKFSTOOLS Examples – Working With Virtual Disks

Default size is 1MB, default adapter type is 'busLogic', and default disk format is 'zeroedthick'. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below, or reach out to me on Twitter vswitchzero. Email required Address never made public. If there is an unclean shutdown of the Virtual Machine and you suspect the integrity of the Virtual Disk, use -x along with the check option. This weblog does vmkcstools represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer.

Recreating a vmdk descriptor file with vmkfstools

Cloning a Virtual Disk Cloning performs a copy of the existing Virtual disk. Converts a 'thin' virtual disk to 'eagerzeroedthick'.

To convert, or inflate, the virtual disk file so that it is changed to the eagerzeroedthick vmkfstoolss we can use the — -inflatedisk option. Today, we will be only looking at how to use vmkfstools with Virtual Disks.

Running ls -la can be misleading as it reports the new disks size as being its maximum possible size, in this case 5GB:. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. Vmkfstoold me of new comments via email.

You would now see that there are two disks created. In my case, I just ran:. Creates a virtual disk at the specified location on a VMFS volume.

VMKFSTOOLS Examples – Working With Virtual Disks

You can also use vmkfstools to set up and manage raw device mappings RDMs. Using thin provisioned virtual vmkfstooks can provide many benefits.

A fairly simple process to reclaim thin provisioned VMDK space. Extend the virtual disk to specified size, the extended region of the disk grows in eagerzeroedthick format:. The result should be the same, no pwr off needed. March 19, 0.

L for directing me here.