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Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. After a couple weeks, I am so far pretty happy with the camera and interface. Write a review zrsubdzqvqbeabtvuxwzds. Animated slide animated photo photo slide shows. Light Trace allows for creative long exposures to be made in which the subject can produce creative effects with light.

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Camera Studio The Camera Studio widget helps to customize camera settings for creating, editing, and presenting photos in a unique and simple manner.

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Click at the star to rank. The fact it's a smart device is both cool and annoying at times. Product Highlights Android 4. Rated 5 out of 5 by Vitaly from Very good. The ability to change and utilize different lenses depending on the situation at hand aids in producing captivating and more dynamic imagery. Scala Installer Scala language environment installer for Windows.

The flash is also pretty good. This allows for direct, real time reference of other images and helps to provide suggestions as to how to photograph a specific scene.

Animated slide animated photo photo slide shows. It's cool how you can give it a sim card or hook it to the wifi and be able to upload photos or even just explore the internet or Facebook, but at the same time it can be a huge drain on the battery, even causing the camera it self to feel warm.

I am not a professional photographer, but the interface is pretty easy to figure out.

The OIS image stabilization system helps to minimize the appearance of camera shake and the inclusion of iFunction control enables lens-based adjustments of some of the most oft-used camera settings. Image Quality and Performance Trade In Your Gear for Cash. This functions helped me see how crooked I really was, and when I did want to take a crooked photograph, I could also use the level to let me know just how far tilted I was, sometimes resulting in a cooler photograph such as following diagonal lines.

I like taking abstract photos however sometimes I try to make a more level photograph and have trouble keeping my camera straight up and down. Some of the functions I found useful like the level which let's you know if your camera scal level.

Scala A general purpose programming language.

Samsung Galaxy NX Mirrorless Digital Camera EK-GNZKAXAR B&H

Popular Tags firing kiln temperature Bartlett controller create book database manage book database book database manager guess week day week day trainer guesser record statistics volleyball game tool store volleyball info view RDF data W3C Fresnel vocabulary Fresnel Lenses create patient database. There is a bit of confusion desgner it comes to the format of the pictures for printing, there's a lot of options in this camera so designee does take time to learn what everything means.

Additionally, Android apps can be downloaded directly to the camera to enables a wide range of in-camera editing and presentation solutions. The view finder is decent, it's a live feed which is common in these mirrorless cameras, though as I stated before the lack of the ability to control your focus point through infochhannel view finder can be a problem.

The DRIMe IV image processor also affords a wealth of speed throughout the camera system, including a continuous shooting rate up to 8. Access to a wide network of Android scal is available for personalized fine-tuning of files and a multitude of options for output and sending. Write a review zrsubdzqvqbeabtvuxwzds.

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The size of the sensor also scalla to produce images with reduced noise and clarity as well as promoting greater control over depth of field and selective focus placement.

For further personalization, the Camera Studio widget helps to integrate camera functions with downloaded apps and allows the Galaxy NX's capture modes and edit settings to be customized.

I scalla recommend you turn it off as soon as you get the camera. Action Freeze works to ensure still and clear rendering of fast-moving subjects.

You can save and easily access your favorite shooting modes and employ helpful tools such as the location-based apps like Photo Suggest, TourWrist, and TripAdvisor; presentation-based Gallery scaoa Story Album tools; and photo and video editing apps such as Video Maker and Paper Artist. However for those who are used to the standard DSLR format, it may not be the camera for you, however you may have an easier time with the NX30 or something if you are dead set on getting a Samsung camera.

Scala iplay Experience animated graphics, text and video withsound and music in content ranging from multimediademos to games to photo slide-shows. One problem I had was that there was no way to control your focus point through the view finder, this is a personal problem on my part, for some people this may not pose a problem at all.

The phase-detection method is ideal for gaining focus in an expedited manner while contrast-detection is employed to fine-tune the focus for critical applications.